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the Shimoyama area of Toyota City


Shimoyama (the Shimoyama area of Toyota City) is positioned in southeast Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, 40 minutes by car from central Toyota City and about 1 hour by car from Nagoya City or Toyohashi City.

While within a range that can be easily reached for recreation, Shimoyama is attractive for the great fun you can have that cannot be experienced in urban environs.

Mikawa lake with its beautiful scenery demonstrating the changes of the four seasons and the broad and gentle plateau of the Mikawa highlands enables many kinds of enjoyable activities. Local exacting cuisine born of the blessing of nature and welcoming hearts. Gorgeous scenery of the four seasons is demonstrated by the Aichi Kogen Quasi-national Park.

Adventures, experiences and discovery not found in the everyday are part of the attraction of Shimoyama, a journey that can only be had here.

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